THE highly impactful,

Unusually insightful,

always entertaining


For years, through the use of Story and

Humor, Robb has used his gifts to

communicate transformative life principles

with a laser focus on practical human issues. 

                When you add to this the unique vehicle of

his Guitar and some Anthemic Tunes,

you find Robb delivering amazing keynote

presentations that you do not want to miss.

Watch Now Here. 

"fear is the father

of orphans...

it will keep you

and restrain you

in the pursuit of

great things... and

then abandon you."


robb's program

Robb's Program is a Universal Keynote Message. It can easily be utilized as an opening or closing keynote for your conference or event, and, of course, can be utilized in a variety of other settings as well. You will find a description below and Robb is glad to tailor his program to include your theme and address your particular needs.

Risk like a ______ Song!

Yes, robb dares to use the word _______ and that makes people really uncomfortable. then they realize that getting pushed out of their comfort zone is often the only way to ever think outside-of-the-box.  that's when things get really interesting. 

Robb's Keynote, "Risk Like a _______ Song," is all about the pro-active pursuit of creating change in spite of your circumstances and/or odds. Robb teaches a memorable code for making things happen rather than waiting for something you don’t want to happen to happen to you. Whether in your Business life or your Private life, the right relationship with risk is often overlooked as it pertains to Leadership and Personal Development. Because in both Corporate matters and Personal ones, someone is always going to get the thing that you want, and it could just as easily be you. With abundant humor and razor-sharp insight, Robb tackles the core issues of human restraint as he reframes your perspective, helping you realize how likely it is that the only chance you will ever regret is the one you don’t take. After all, innovation is risky business.

"Robb was fantastic! A ROCKSTAR. Robb draws the audience in, mixing entertainment with a relevant message that would meet anyone and everyone's needs." Nathan Smith, Valley Institute

why use robb? 

so you can stay ahead of the curve.

With the level of uncertainty that today’s competitive market demands, we all face an unprecedented rate of change. 

Join the many organizations who have experienced a boost in morale, more productivity, 

and a better bottom line from Robb's unique insights.

  • Individuals and organizations are in a constant state of transition in an ever-changing world and marketplace. Resistance to change is the top stressor in the workplace and workplace stress strains the organizations' bottom line and/or mission.   
  • 75 percent of the general population suffers at least "some stress" - due to transitions and change - every two weeks, and half of those experience moderate or high levels during the same period (according to the National Health Interview Survey).  
  • Unwillingness to manage this stress is a contributing factor in many health issues and decreased productivity.  
  • Those who cope well with transitions and change have a more positive perception, a better quality of life, and a higher level of performance.   

What makes Robb unique is that he brings practical strategies, not lofty rhetoric, to the complex issue of creating change, so that you can stay ahead of the curve. Book Robb now to help you and your team become audacious in the pursuit of your goals, focused and thriving in the midst of uncertainty, and relentless in your quest to break new ground, regardless of the circumstances.

"Bring Robb in, you won't regret it." Mark Richard, Owner, VSA Resorts.