how can Robb help make your event great?

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My business is all about service to the customer, my clients... YOU! 

So, whatever I can do help ensure a spectacular event for you and for those you represent, PLEASE let me know how I can do just that. Below, you will find a list of some of my previous clients. I am humbled to have worked with them and would count it a privilege to add you to the growing list. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.

  • the most impact of all our ceremonies!!

    "Robb's message was so connected with our company's mission that our President of Discover had mentioned that in all of the years of attending this award ceremony this had the most impact of all other ceremonies. Robb is extremely customer oriented and works hard to deliver and personalize his keynote for his clients. His overall message is definitely applied in the way he handles his own business relationships."

                                                                                                                Sheryl Fish - Project Manager, Pulse Network

  • "10+" Robb was by far the best!!

    “Our company invited Robb to speak at our annual users conference and he was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. The timeslot he filled was the most tricky of the entire program - first thing in the morning on day 3 of our conference after our social event the night before - but it didn’t matter. With his unique blend of music and humor, he brought laughter and energy to a room full of tired people and delivered a powerful message that left our attendees excited to learn and motivated to take on the challenges they face in their lives. We’ve had speakers before, but Robb was by far the best. I would definitely recommend him for any type of event because not only is he a great entertainer, but the stories he tells and the wisdom he shares are relatable and applicable to anyone.”

                                                     Grace Chen, Marketing and Distribution Coordinator, MedInformatix, Inc.

  • Dynamic and unique!

    "Robb was dynamic and unique. Our field was enthralled, energized and overcome, and shared that with him as they gave him a standing ovation. Thanks for sharing the Keys of Change with Pink Zebra!"

                                                                                                           Colby Waisath, VP of Sales, Pink Zebra Home

  • Wonderful presentation with valuable information!!

    "Everyone loved Robb's high energy and entertaining presentation! This was the perfect way to kick off the conference and get us motivated to get out of our comfort zones. Plus, it provided a perfect segue into some other breakout sessions where I heard other speakers reference Robb's challenge of facing our fears and stepping into greatness!"

                                                                  Rhonda Caton, CPPB, CPPO, University of Arkansas, Fort Smith

  • Still talking about it!!

    "Our group really enjoyed Robb. I’ve heard several comments about his message and people are still talking about it! My CEO is also a motivational speaker (he spoke last year) and he has given several compliments to me and the staff on our speaker selection." 

                                                                                                             Jill Sheets - Training Coordinator, CFI / WFCA


    "Robb was a real hit. Through masterful storytelling, comedic genius, and some well-placed tunes, he brings practical insights and real solutions that produce powerful results in a highly engaging way. As a result of bringing Robb in, we experienced an immediate spike in morale and productivity."

                                                                                                                                    Mark Richard - Owner, VSA Resorts

  • captivating!!

    "I have seen and heard many motivational speakers but none quite as entertaining and enlightening as Robb. How Robb combines use of an acoustic guitar with song and humor to tell a story was both inspirational and entertaining, all while getting his message across. I can think of no other time I’ve seen an audience so captivated and so engaged thinking, 'what’s next?'"

                                    Tim Collins - Senior Systems Administrator, Physician's Practice Organization, Inc

  • great approach!!

    "We all very much enjoyed Robb's approach and message at our annual TEC event! In our industry dealing with change is the norm, but that certainly doesn't make it easy. Thank you, Robb, for showing us ways to manage through it!"

                                                                                      Andrea Elizondo, CMP - Director of Programs, MPI-THCC

  • robb is the very best!!

    "Robb came in for our organization's fundraiser and put on a better event than any of us could have possibly hoped for. Not only did he perform an act every bit as good as in his videos, he tailored his performance to our needs -- connecting his act to our goals and even writing a song based on our situation. He was hilarious, ridiculously talented, and overwhelmingly inspiring. His real life stories bring his motivational message even more meaning and never lack in humor. I would recommend Robb to any business, organization, or group looking for a motivational or leadership speaker. He puts in the effort to make sure he gives the best possible message to his audience. Of all the speakers I have ever heard, Robb is the very best."

                                                                        John Newcombe - Marketing Director, CALE Conference Center

  • outstanding!

    "Thank you for the outstanding presentation that you provided for the soldiers of the Las Vegas Recruiting Company. Your dedication informed, educated, and trained the officer and non-commissioned officers of the company. Your efforts exemplify dedication, persistence, and commitment. We thank you for a job well done. "

                                                         Brad Reed, Lieutenant Colonel - Special Forces, Battalion Commander

  • I'm a fan!!

    "Every so often an agent of change will come along with an insightful interpretation of time tested, verifiable, and implementable processes for taking on the sometimes uncomfortable events that come our way in life. Robb Overholt is one of those change agents. See Robb's event live - I did... I'm a believer... I'm a fan of Robb Overholt!"

                                                                   Kenny Porter - Founder and CEO of KP&Co, Wealth Management

  • dynamic!

    "If you're looking for an awesome speaker for your next event, from corporate, youth, you name it, consider Robb. Having seen him in action, he's a dynamic, entertaining whirlwind of inspiration & wisdom!"

                                                                                               Dug Shelby - Founder and CEO of The Oasis Projekt


    "Robb did a great job connecting with the students. They liked his personality, message, and songs. It's important for our students to feel motivated and see success. Robb did a great job accomplishing both."

                                                                                Amanda Edmonds, College and Career Coordinator, ACISD

  • wonderful message!!

    "Thank you for delivering a wonderful message to all of us. I can say that it has allowed me the ability to reflect from within about the way in which I choose to live both professionally and in my everyday life. Your use of personalized stories, wit, music and comedy really spoke to me. I wanted to let you know that through your words my day was uplifted and inspired. I was reminded of the reason that I do what I do! We were lucky to have you. Thank you again."

                                                                                                                Maura Pratt - Supervisor, Ocean Key Resort

  • masterful!

    "Robb is not only a masterful storyteller and musician. He's also one of the most insightful people I know. He will change how you view your circumstances and help you make the most of your one and only life. "

                                 Ben Arment, Creator of Story, a Conference for Creatives, Dreamers, & Storytellers


    "Robb was fantastic! A ROCKSTAR. Nothing but great feedback from everyone. Robb draws the audience in, mixing entertainment with a relevant message that would meet anyone and everyone's needs."

                                       Nathan Smith - Academic College Counselor, Valley - A Quest Institute School

  • absolutely perfect!!

    "Robb was absolutely perfect! I would highly recommend him."

                                             Brooks Kendall - President, Society of Talent and Entertainment Professionals

  • magic!

    “I met Robb at an event in Colorado Springs, CO last December. Robb has this unique ability to challenge the audience with wisdom, humor and music. When he pulls out his guitar during his talk and breaks into song and everyone is singing with him…it’s magic.”

                                                                                                              Jim Gray - Founder and CEO, ThreeThirtyPM

  • awesome!!

    "This guy is really talented. Kind of like a motivational speaker/standup comic/rockstar all in one! It was great."

                                                                                                                            Gerry Todd - CEO Keller Williams Elite

  • wonderful!!!

    "Robb was wonderful!!! The whole team commented on how much they enjoyed it. A timely message that we really needed."

                      Roberta Wilson - Vice President Education and Compliance, Hospice Partners of America

  • Thoroughly enjoyable!!

    "Robb's session was thoroughly enjoyable!!  By the amount of book purchases and comments we received from our employees afterwards, I know they all enjoyed themselves as well. Robb was able to motivate them in many ways."

                                             Tammi Guthrie - Schertz Manager, Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc.

  • High impact!!

    "If you are looking to make a conference, seminar or business meeting special - get to know Robb Overholt. He has a unique and high impact way of bringing meaning and value.

                                                                                                        David Mills - Chief Executive, Story Collaborative

  • highly recommend!

    "Robb is an emotionally intelligent and very capable thought leader. He is full of integrity, wisdom, and courage and would be an asset to any organization with big vision. I highly recommend Robb."

                                                                                                                                      Bart Rendel - CEO and Lead, CSG

  • very impactful!

    "Robb did exactly what we requested for this ceremony. The audience was a tough, stiff crowd and he did a great job tearing down the walls and getting people involved. Robb utilizes music to enhance his great storytelling. He is able to make connections with a strong message of leadership and did a great job giving such a charge."

                                                                                                                     Lesli Welch - Southwest Christian School

  • loved it!!!

    "So entertaining and such a unique way to look at our lives: I want my soundtrack to rock!"

                                              JoAnne Evangelista - ALC Culture Committee Chair, Kris Weaver Real Estate

  • great!!

    "Robb is a creative thinker who is skilled at coming up with original ideas. He is skilled at seeing hard to find solutions to difficult problems. He has an intuitive understanding of even very complex concepts. And, perhaps even more, he is a master at presenting ideas in an entertaining and compelling way."

                                                                                                                Vince Antonucci - Founder, Vault Conference

  • nailed it!!

    "We were looking for something entertaining, funny, clean, and also motivational. Almost all of the attendees were sales oriented or auditors in the field, a wide mix. Robb nailed it."  

                                                                                 Kim Rabon - Director of Human Resources, The Salt Group

  • inspiring!!!

    "Robb has a real gift for inspiring, encouraging and strengthening leaders and entrepreneurs. As a result, I have seen my team mature and my organization blossom. "

                                                                                                           Michael Robison - CEO, Uncommon Ventures