Your Team's A-Ha

Moment Could Be

Just Moments Away

“When someone teaches you something, 

it is deeply beneficial. 

but if they can then  

help you discover something, 

it changes your life.” 

- robboverholt



in addition to motivating through his keynote presentations, 

robb can mobilize teams through strategic breakouts.

Whether working with organization start-ups, ones experiencing rapid growth, ones facing transition, or others that are simply just "stuck," Robb helps orchestrate the change you need to respond to or create. Robb will utilize a strategic planning process created by Tom Paterson, a well-known Nobel Laureate and strategic planner for Fortune 50 businesses. This process is known as StratOp (or Strategic Operations). It is not model-driven with a prefabricated outcome in mind... Humans are too unique for that and the work they do is too precious. 

Bring Robb in today if you need...

  • To push through difficulty brought on by change. 
  • To define or refine the Sales Pipeline. 
  • To gain clarity and unity through cross-functional interaction. 
  • To clarify and go after your Vision. 
  • To discover where your real opportunities exist. 
  • To experience alignment as a whole entity, not just a collection of parts. 
  • To increase performance while minimizing wasted effort.

The character RE-mix workshops

Remix - noun


1. a different version of an original produced by remixing.

Here's looking at you! With a unique focus  on you and your team, 

Robb will lead you on a discovery of the best version of yourself.  

In breakout workshops, Robb unveils the core elements that, 

when added to the original version of you and your team, 

will definitively take you to the next level.