The unique schtick of comedy,

music, and motivation that delivers

powerful results in a highly engaging way.

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Bringing Influence and Insight From the World's Live Music Capital

Hailing from Austin, TX, Robb Overholt is The Change Orchestrator. With a verve to match his city’s unique and adventurous spirit, Robb delivers rousing presentations. In fact, you and your audience will be so entertained, you’ll nearly forget that you are being instilled with life changing principles that will powerfully impact your professional and personal lives. 

Robb uses the instrument of his guitar along with a savvy perspective to give you a few navigational instruments of your own in creating positive change regardless of your circumstances and/or odds. The music-based metaphors keep all things engaging while syncing up to innovative, practical strategies for positive outcomes. These principles work for anyone, in any career, always.  A captivating motivational speaker and an innovative thought leader, Robb’s universal and versatile message is a perfect fit for anyone and any organization.

keeping one eye on the future

In addition to motivating through his keynote presentations,

Robb has spent the last twenty years doing catalytic work to build

stronger individuals that in turn build stronger communities. With a

belief that the entrepreneurial spirit at work brings out humanities

best work, Robb works hard to unleash it in individuals of all ages. 

Assisting both children and adult professionals in their efforts to

create the future, Robb is very excited about two endeavors in particular. 

The first of which helps children launch a Hero's Journey

in order that they might find a calling to change the world. 

More info can be found at www.actonacademy.org - If you

are interested in starting a Children's Business Fair in your

community through the work of Acton, click here and let us know.  

Additionally, Robb is the co-founder of Start Good Things, an initiative

that offers resources and assistance to entrepreneurs and artists

in Austin, Robb's hometown. SGT seeks to assist the uncommon individual, 

the motivated self-starter, trying to tackle pressing social challenges

through the work of their start-up.  

"Life is short, but it's the longest

thing you'll ever do on earth...

...And it's even longer when you

have to do it with regrets."